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Author: John Jude Palencar

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  • M Pianta on Artist of the Month: Bo BartlettLove Bo Bartley. I saw some images here that were new to me. Thanks for the post!
  • Lysa Maria on 2016 Spectrum Award WinnersMy husband left me and he is already having an affair with another woman he met, been hanging out with her for months. She is also married with two ki…
  • Lester Yocum on Why Bother With Color?Wow. So your desaturating the image was an informed choice, having observed the jury's preferences. A similar process to not submitting a scifi space…
  • Tom on Why Bother With Color?I am a serious minded artist (got my black polo neck on right now) and a dark & serious low sat palette appeals to me, yet I also know and love co…
  • Jesse on Mural-MakingThats awesome! Wonder how much that pays!